No, I Really Mean it This Time



Whoa! Where’d the spring go? This is inexcusable. Okay. Let’s do the lightning-round update:

• Bitter Girl is on indefinite hiatus. You can, however, read and comment on the full run through September 2012 in the Archives. Please do.

• I’ve been a lousy site custodian in part because I’ve been badgering my 5E and Powderkeg colleagues into social media, in a “do as I say, not as I do” way, apparently. Still, I’ve got to pimp them here.

• At this point I’m sure that social media will be the death of personal blogs. Until it is, though, I promise to post regularly, starting with daily all this week during Book Expo. No, I really mean it this time.

All right, I think that covers it.

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