goodEarthThe Good Earth
Pearl S. Buck, Graphic Adaptation by Nick Bertozzi

“The Good Earth has style, power, coherence, and a pervasive
sense of dramatic reality. A comment upon the meaning and tragedy
of life as it is lived in any age in any quarter of the globe.” – The New York Times Book Review

warholCoverBecoming Andy Warhol
Nick Bertozzi & Pierce Hargan

“In a series of sharp, staccato chapters, the book packs substantial vigor into a swift narrative, following Warhol’s two-year journey from commercial illustrator to art-world icon.” – Publishers Weekly

“Bertozzi does a lovely job of humanizing Warhol by highlighting his mischievous antics and off-the-wall sense of humor, his devotion to his family, his belief in the power of pop culture and his pure devotion to the fine art he was making.” – BookPage

BlueManCoverBlue Man World

A graphically rich, textually dynamic, cheekily clever deep dive into the world of the Blue Men, as well as a hilarious cultural satire. Includes archival photographs, specially commissioned artwork, infographics, and interviews with Blue Man experts (both real and potentially not real). The first-ever Blue Man Group book, in conjunction with their 25th anniversary.

ImitationGameCoverThe Imitation Game: Alan Turing Decoded
Jim Ottaviani and Leland Purvis
New York Times Graphic Book Bestseller

“A powerful, sympathetic portrait of one of the twentieth century’s great minds.” - Publishers Weekly

“Ottaviani has worked with a number of different artists, but the same intuitive storytelling runs through his books. His biography of Richard Feynman bounced ideas around like atoms colliding inside a nuclear bomb. His wonderful book about the ‘Trimates’ braided three distinct stories, each represented by its own visual style, into one narrative. The Imitation Game does something similar with Turing, portraying his ceaseless motion (intellectual and physical).” – Paste

Battle Lines
Jonathan Fetter-Vorm and Ari Kelman

“Battle Lines brings us the Civil War as we’ve never seen it before. An inspired blend of images and words, this fresh, vivid history is the perfect primer for students and devotees of America’s greatest conflict.”—Tony Horwitz, author of Confederates in the Attic

“A penetrating account of the war’s deepest dramas, told in the fewest words imaginable. It is history as poetry.” — Stephen Kantrowitz, author of More Than Freedom

Battle Lines is not the first graphic novel about the Civil War, but it is one of the most ambitious…Gardner saw in Gettysburg a similar clash between moral earnestness and human finitude. But he managed to make something out of the explosion. Battle Lines does too, and urges readers to do likewise.” — Los Angeles Review of Books

Find Me I’m Yours
Hillary Carlip

“A revolutionary transmedia experience…With every chapter, the lines between fiction and reality will blur, and you’ll find yourself rooting for Mags harder than ever before.”—Hypable

“This is the book of the future.” —



Red Light Properties
Dan Goldman

“The popular webcomic set on Miami Beach featuring the real estate company that deals with haunted properties has been recolored, reconfigured, expanded and enlarged for its dead-trees debut with new and recolored pages. Goldman’s rollicking story, replete with photo and art mashups, is nicely executed and screamingly funny.” —Miami Herald

“A druggy blast inspired by Terence McKenna, Larry David and Wong Kar-Wai.” —

Bad Houses
Sara Ryan & Carla Speed McNeil

Two teenage lost souls struggle to find their future in the past of a dying town in the latest from novelist and comics creator Ryan (Rules for Hearts)... Ryan’s well-rounded sympathetic characterization and the scrappy energy in McNeil’s art make this a drama with true depth.” —Publishers Weekly

It is the story of a community, but more than that, it is the story of things: a city, a building, a storage unit, a photograph, a relationship — the meanings we assign to them and how we live with that knowledge. Like its characters, it is a book that understands failure and loss, but it is also a romantic, triumphant and hopeful story.” —Comic Book Resources

Gone to Amerikay
Derek McCulloch and Colleen Doran
A Best American Comics of 2013 Selection

“A sweeping, detailed, beautifully drawn story of love, betrayal and survival, with a small but crucial touch of the supernatural.”—Wall Street Journal

“We really need more graphic novels like Gone to Amerikay…An almost supernaturally vivid version of New York, the city of immigrants and the city of arts. New York is a place where people can change and become someone else — a Geoghegan becomes a Lefkowitz; a Jewish immigrant becomes the matriarch of criminals in New York City; the son of Lithuanians becomes a record company executive; and a humble Irish singer can become possessed by the spirit of the past and become able to live his dreams. McCulloch and Doran have created a work of art… it succeeds on every level.” — Comics Bulletin

“A masterfully told tearjerker….McCulloch, Doran and Villarrubia make this three-way narrative sing (literally, at times) by exploiting the unique visual storytelling capabilities of comics in ways rarely seen.” — Cory Doctorow

Mankind: The Story of All Of Us
Marv Wolfman, Kevin Baker, Neal Adams, Charles Soule, Bill Sienkiewicz and various

“Published in conjunction with The History Channel’s much-anticipated documentary series, Mankind: The Story of All of Us shares its source material’s panoramic scope, bright sense of adventure, and ultra-high production values. Mankind’s thematically linked stories examining the qualities of innovation, invention, and the ability to learn and to love, all tie together so organically that it feels as if you’re reading chapters in the same story…a consistent, exquisitely illustrative visual style. Mankind is a comics anthology that in many ways transcends the form.” —

Eric Trautmann, Brandon Jerwa and Steve Lieber
A Comic Book Resources Top 100 Selection of 2012

“Brotherhood is a strong theme in the military, and it’s family — and one brother-in-law— that inspired Trautmann and Jerwa in writing their most personal work to date…a gripping graphic novel.” — USA Today

“ The power of Shooters is that it so deftly and expertly avoids anything that could undermine it…a convincing and compelling portrait of war and its consequences. Indeed, Shooters should be read not simply by fans of the genre but by anyone who really wants to think about the themes it raises. ” — Publishers Weekly

The Zen of Steve Jobs
Caleb Melby, Forbes and JESS3

“An attractive piece…a fitting tribute to Steve Jobs and a nice introduction to a man who may have influenced Jobs…and the products many of us can’t live without today.” — Seattle Post-Intelligencer

“Walter Isaacson’s biography of Steve Jobs may have been one of 2011’s best biographies, but it severely skirts a significant aspect of Jobs’ life….[Zen of Steve Jobs] is unexpectedly rich in its graphic simplicity…Might just be the best thing since the GN biography of Richard Feynman.” — (Best GNs of 2012 Roundup)

Cuba: My Revolution
Inverna Lockpez and Dean Haspiel
A Best YA Novel of 2010, The Daily Beast; 2011 Harvey Award winner

“Sometimes you read something that is so real, so tangible, so personal that you know it has already affected many lives … and is about to affect yours. Such is the case with Cuba: My Revolution.”
— Scripps Howard News Service

“Both image and action and come to life on pages that flow with carefully and creatively designed panels. This is sound political fiction, with a definite point of view but without an axe to grind.”

G. Willow Wilson and MK Perker
Selected as a Top 10 Great Graphic Novel for Teens, Young Adult Library Services Association, 2009

“This well-crafted magic-realist graphic novel set in modern Cairo delivers one of the more impressive debuts in comics in recent years.”
—School Library Journal

“Tackles a Middle Eastern adventure in a modern, exciting way with distinctive, emotional characters and a thought-provoking take on a significant part of the world.”
—Publishers Weekly

Matt Kindt

“Unfurls at breakneck speed, with an unhinged, almost drunken vigor to the deliberately rough drawings. Though the plot is fairly involved, it never feels claustrophobic. Thanks in part to Kindt’s unadorned, noir-inflected writing, Sam’s existential dilemma is as exciting as watching him and Jan kick in doors and elude snipers.”
—Ed Park, Los Angeles Times

“I found myself thinking of books I’ve loved by Don DeLillo and Paul Auster — books in which the mundane details of contemporary consumer culture collide with abstract and implacable concepts like terrorism. Of all the books I’ve read this year, Revolver is the one I haven’t been able to stop thinking about.”
—Glen Weldon,

“An expertly constructed story, an idea where all the sub-ideas fit into each other just right.”
—Charles Yu, author of How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe

Marc Andreyko and Jesus Saiz

“I never had much use for superheroes who couldn’t fly or punch through walls. If I wanted normal people, I’d read a novel. What Manhunter does so well is create a deeply flawed and funny hero who has to interact with the super-powered every day.”
—John August, screenwriter (Go, Big Fish, Charlie’s Angels)

“Taut, fresh, funny and grim. It gets under the skin of the superhero game in a unique way.”
—Joss Whedon

Greg Rucka, Jesus Saiz and Joe Bennett

“With the superb Queen and Country series already on his long list of credits, it’s obvious that few writers have the same knack for meticulously plotted and intelligently characterized spy dramas that Rucka is known for…One of the best creative runs of the last decade.”

“Anybody who’s read a Greg Rucka novel can tell you Checkmate is pretty much the best possible match for his sensibilities. It allows him to use his knowledge of the military and private security contractors, as well as how they interact with the government and how quickly their worlds can suddenly explode. Sure, it’s consistently tense and action-packed. Beyond that, though, the insight into the backgrounds of the characters and the political intrigue add a lot more depth than you’re going to see in most of the other mainstream books on the shelves right now.”
—Ain’t It Cool News

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