As an independent editor, I provide manuscript analysis, proposal development, and project management. Clients have included Macmillan, Forbes Media, Abrams ComicArts, Dark Horse Comics, BOOM! Studios, and Marvel Comics; authors published by Penguin, Tor, First Second and Rosetta; and winners/nominees for the Eisner Award, Harvey Award, National Jewish Book Award, and the Los Angeles Times Book Prize.

What does an independent editor do?

I work with you to develop plot, pacing and characterization in fiction, and to guide narrative voice and information flow in nonfiction. Depending on the project scope and status, I can also guide you with queries and marketing materials, and I especially love working with visual and interactive elements.

What does an independent comics/graphic works editor do?

All of the above — and since graphic works add layers of complication, I also edit layouts, coloring and lettering stages, and overall project design for narrative and visual flow.

I can’t draw my way out of a paper bag. So how do I write a graphic novel?

The question isn’t “Could I draw this?” It’s “Will this project go to a new level as a graphic novel narrative?” If the answer is yes, then there are hundreds of amazing sequential artists out there who can collaborate with you to realize it. I’ll help you find and work with them.

Do you edit prose projects also?

Yes. Transmedia, YA, memoir, historical fiction and political thrillers are all up my alley. Contact me with a brief description and sample. As a member of the independent editorial group 5E, I can also refer you to other excellent editors if a project doesn’t seem like a fit.

Can you represent me?

I represent select projects through Pageturner, and I can help connect you to format-friendly agents and publishers. But my focus is on working with you to either develop an idea from scratch or translate it from prose, screenplay, animation, etc. — and give it the best possible shot at publication.

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